Tips To Help You Prevent Mask Acne

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You may be experiencing more and more acne around your mouth lately, and it could be from wearing a mask while at work, school, or while out shopping when you most likely didn't have to wear one before. If you are starting to get "mascne", it can be prevented. Read on for helpful tips to help you prevent acne from wearing a face mask.

Stop Wearing Makeup

If you're sweating behind your mask, all of that makeup you have on your face is just causing more and more oils to build up on your face and clog your pores. If you're wearing a mask often, either stop wearing makeup around your face where the mask covers your face, or don't wear as much makeup on this part of your face. Maybe skip the foundation and cover-up, or powder that is going to be covered by your face mask. Also, skip the lipstick or lip gloss that is going to get worn off from your face mask.

Wash Your Face Mask In Gentle Soap

You may not be used to wearing something on your face at all times, you need to be sure you are washing the face mask properly with soap and water, either in your washer or by hand. If you are using your usual detergent, try switching to something more gentle that is free of dyes and fragrance, as they may be causing irritation to your skin. Switch your soap and be sure you are washing your face mask often. Use several different face masks so you can wash the others in between wears.

Stop Touching Your Face

With wearing a face mask, you are more than likely touching your face more often. This can not only be dangerous, it can be causing your facial acne. Touching your face with dirty hands can cause the oils from your hands to get into the pores of the skin and clog your pores, leading to acne. Stop touching your face, to prevent acne, and because it's just good hygiene, and can prevent other health concerns.

If you are getting acne from wearing a face mask, you more than likely aren't the only one — the good news is that face mask is hiding the acne, but this doesn't mean you don't want clear skin. Prevent the "mascne" by following the tips above. Talk to a local dermatologist about other tips to prevent acne from mask-wearing.