Wondering About Vaginal Rejuvenation? Talk With Your Dermatologist

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There are some aspects of aging that women are willing to discuss, such as graying hair and laugh lines, the need or desire to have vaginal rejuvenation is usually kept private. It is so private that many women do not have any idea if they should have it or who to talk to about it. It is common to start by asking your gynecologist questions. However, you may want to consider seeing a dermatologist about your concerns. There are now a few different non-invasive options for helping with your problems. Here are just a few things a dermatologist can fix.

Stress Incontinence

If you notice that you are leaking urine when you laugh, exercise, or have something suddenly jump into your lap (like a grandchild or pet), you suffer with stress incontinence. A dermatologist can perform a few laser treatments to strengthen the vaginal tissue that is attached to the urethra. This will help prevent leakage due to exertion on the bladder or urethra.

Dryness, Burning, and Itching

When you notice that your vagina is dry, itches, or you notice a burning sensation during intercourse or while urinating, a dermatologist can prescribe creams and lotions to prevent them. If these do not help, laser treatments may be used to increase the blood supply to the area. This will help keep the area moist and prevent the burning and itching.


Some women find that as they age, and especially after giving birth, the muscles in the vagina become weak. They feel that the vaginal walls have stretched, making sexual intercourse less pleasant for them and their partners. A series of laser treatments will increase the collagen both internally and externally. This will create a tightening of the vaginal wall muscles, making the vagina tighter and smoother. This will increase sexual sensations and may result in more frequent, stronger, or longer orgasms.


If you feel that your labia or external genitalia looks shrunken or excessively wrinkled, a dermatologist can help. Laser treatments will smooth the skin and increase the collagen so the area appears plump again.

You deserve to feel confident about yourself. Leaking urine, enduring pain during intercourse, or feeling embarrassed about the way your genitalia looks undermines that confidence. Talk with a dermatologist, such as at Refined Dermatology , to discuss the different options available for vaginal rejuvenation. You will be surprised at how much these small problems affected the way you feel about yourself and your everyday life. Have the issues resolved and feel great again.